What we do

We provide reliable, accurate information and insight in to the Reality of the Climate Emergency and what that term actually means.

We pitch content and detail and promote discussion to the level most appropriate for our audience.

We use a variety of methods and media to excite curiosity and facilitate understanding.


This fundamental process comes in the following forms depending upon who we are working with:


The same process as conventional Executive or Life coaching – a question based dialogue to help individuals or small teams to work through their Climate Emergency challenge.

The difference being your coach will also be an expert in the field of Climate Change. We can select the level and area of expertise according to your needs.

Single presentations

If a number of you are just looking for a place to start we can tailor an introductory presentation on the fundamentals of the climate emergency – what it is, how it happens and what can be done.

This would be based on the En-Roads climate simulation model

You can Access the Model here 

This would form the lead in to a discussion amongst yourselves and facilitated by us about what you think, what is means to you and what you may want to do next.


The single presentation described above would form the first session of a half day or one day workshop to explore climate change.

Further sessions can be tailored to your requirements, information and organisational needs.


Where the number or distribution of your people is too much for a single workshop to make sense they can be duplicated in time or location.

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Understand what everyone’s talking about

If you know you / your people / students / organisation, ought to know more about the Climate Emergency but don’t know where to start, start by calling, emailing, or contacting us below