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Climate Emergency – You need to know

The Climate Emergency is already here. Its impact is felt in extreme weather events, natural disasters, migration and ecological collapse. 

In advanced economies, so far largely shielded from these impacts, huge change is coming in the way organisations are run and business is done. 

Your organisation needs to know what is going on, to understand the conversation and be an effective part of it, and to act on what you know.

Climate Articulate is not a talking shop – all our conversations end in action.

About us

Climate Articulate  is a syndicate of dedicated, climate concerned, professional people, working hard to drive change to address the Climate Emergency. The most effective way to maximise our impact is to work with others – and they are our clients.

Dr. Lindsay Parkin

Co-founder and MD.

Lindsay is a psychologist, educator and facilitator, clarifying aims and objectives and helping individuals and organisations deliver better through reflection and refinement.

Using coaching, workshops, illustration and education he has helped clients from Govt. Departments DETR, DEFRA, high street supermarkets Morrisons, luxury car brand Mercedes Benz to Pharmaceutical Boeringher Ingelheim  to better deliver their products and services. This work is primarily through consulting to identify needs and outcomes and developing personnel knowledge and skills directly relevant to what they need to do to achieve.

Becoming gradually and lately starkly aware of the climate emergency since 2018 he now dedicates all his previous experience and current energy to addressing climate change.

As well as his work through Climate Articulate and EnRoads he is also a climate activist taking Non Violent Direct Action in efforts to encourage organisations and governments to act more urgently to reduce Green House Gas emissions.

Kilian Woods

Co-founder and Director of Business of Development

Kilian is a analyst, entrepreneur and educator, who facilitates workshops. He teaches participants about how they can contribute and find solutions to climate change.

Kilian is passionate about driving systemic change towards solving the climate crisis. He has facilitated workshops with companies and schools as an En-ROADS ambassador. He educates clients with his expertise on renewable energy systems. He communicates the importance of system dynamics to transition society to renewable energy sources and for countries to achieve their climate goals (such as NDCs).

He is dedicated to finding solutions to climate change and has previously worked with Energia as a Machine Learning Engineer doing predictive analytics on wind turbines.

He is a strong believer in systems thinking and multi-solving as a way to illustrate and understand complex issues such as climate change. Together he and Dr Lindsay are passionate about teaching decision makers, schools, universities and businesses about the climate emergency.

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Understand what everyone’s talking about

If you know you / your people / students / organisation, ought to know more about the Climate Emergency but don’t know where to start, start by calling, emailing, or contacting us below